Episode 077: C.J. Hunt: The Perfect Human Diet – November 19, 2013


Aaron Zober brings on C.J. Hunt, who wrote, directed, and narrated the documentary The Perfect Human Diet, which talks about his experience after going into cardiac arrest and searching for the perfect human diet.  C.J. had dabbled in vegetarianism and veganism for discovering optimum health with the paleo diet.  C.J. Hunt talks about the top professionals  he interviewed in his film in the areas of archaeology, anthropology, nutrition, and medicine about how saturated fat has played in an important role in human evolution and why they’re still needed for optimum health.  C.J. and Aaron get into the studies of Dr. Weston A. Price and why the WAPF and paleo communities are more similar than what recent articles have said.  Aaron and C.J. also discuss why everyone needs to have saturated fat, even if it’s hard to get access to truly pastured meat where you live.

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