Episode 080: All about the Beef Part 3: Angela Mavridis of Tribali Foods – October 29, 2018




Aaron Zober continues with the All about the Beef series. After talking about fresh meat in the first two episodes, he now switches the focus to frozen meals. Aaron recently discovered that it’s possible to find frozen meals that use grass fed beef and other pastured animals, as well as are free of sugar and hard to read ingredients. He talks with Angela Mavridis, the founder and CEO of Tribali Foods. Angela talks about how she got into starting a company which makes frozen grass fed beef patties. It involved her going to Greece and learning about how there they cooking from scratch — using only real organic, local, and heirloom foods. In fact, paleo is a Greek work. Angela talks about all of this led to where she is today and what we can expect from Tribali Foods in the future.

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